Crows EXPLODE (2014) Jumps to the top of the 2014 Japanese must watch list.

 Everything about this makes me excited - the return of Crows, Higashide playing lead, Yagira back in films, Katsuji on screen again, Nagayama getting more exposure, Saotome playing a masculine role and trying to break into films in a more major role. I know some people will complain about it not being the original cast, but even high-school aged (somewhat) yankees have to graduate sometime, so I say bring on the new kids of Suzuran.
Some people might also dislike that the director isn’t Miike, but heck its Toyoda Toshiaki one of the best (Blue Spring, 9 Souls, I’m flash) - he basically made Matsuda Ryuhei’s career and maybe he can do the same for Higashide, because the boy has talent.