The film tells the story of the battle between gangs made by Takashi Miike school and became a box office in 2007 with a profit of 2.4 billion yen is finally made sequel. Still featuring the main character of Genji Takiya previous film, starring Oguri Shun, but this time he must deal with a young star shine Miura Haruma.

The story takes place within 8 months after the first film in which Genji Takiya will graduate and get out of Suzuran High School. However, there are some things that still need him finish up with other schools who become rivals Suzuran High School ..
Housen Gakuen is led by Tatsuya Mito (Miura Haruma) who become rivals Suzuran school. Accompanied by Narumi Housen Gakuen third grade student. The battle between the schools could not even go back in to avoid.

On Crows Zero III also presented Harumichi Bouya, if the comic Rindaman admit defeat against Bouya whether they actually draw and Bouya until the fall of the river, 200 people had faced alone, Hidate Bandou CS lose much, But this is only the word of people and reportedly also not as clear that Gantz This will also be aired in 2011. Tamao Serizawa and Yamada cast will also be present in the film Gantz.So liat aja true or not will be the Crows Zero 3. because actually the story that many of his generation of Suzuran.

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